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The advent of Silverlight 2.0 July 30, 2008

Posted by gcorbin in Silverlight.
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The time has finally come. Now a client-side framework that gives .NET developers the same power and flexibility as Flash has finally arrived. Silverlight 1.0 has introduced this technology to us, but it still required the developer to work with javascript and forced us to remain bound to its limitations. Silverlight 2.0 applications can be entirely written in any of the managed languages. Programming with Javascript is not needed. The framework will handle it for you. The client-side output for Silverlight is all based on the <Object> tag. This means that the source for the client application can appear to be as simple as an HTML file that has nothing but a reference to Silverlight and an <Object> tag. The way this works is that Silverlight 2.0 has introduced a new file type. This is called a ZAP (XAP) file. The zap file is nothing but a zip file with a different name. If you rename it zip, it will open with winzip and all the binary files will be presented. The binary files that are packaged in the zap file are a subset of the WPF framework and whatever assembly that you create for you Silverlight app. The feature set that is available to Silverlight 2.0 is amazing. Any type of Flash application can be built with Silverlight just as well. Goto http://silverlight.net and see all the samples, you’ll be amazed.