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Truth, Lies, and History… November 27, 2007

Posted by gcorbin in Commentary.
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      Over the past few months, I’ve digressed from my studies of computing and spent some time focusing on history. Specifically, I spent some time reading about the truth and myths in American history. The book I read help to confirm some of the truths that I’ve known about American history, but more important it helped to shed some light on many of the horrors that are well hidden with outright blatant lies. The reasons for hiding many of the horrors of American history aren’t so obvious. I’ve found thou, if you do enough digging and think through the facts of some of these hidden truths, you’ll always find some sort of motive for hiding it. This got me to thinking about how modern computing will be recorded throughout history. How will the history books of two hundred years from now present where the Internet came from? Will it present its true history starting back with the days of ARPANET and the DoD? Or will it be presented as the creation of a former presidential hopeful Al Gore? I think it will depend on the impact that it has on world over the next two hundred years. If it’s positive, then I’m sure there will be plenty of people lying claim to be the original inventor. The question still remains thou, who will it be? Based on looking back into American history, I’m going to hedge my bets with the people in power. They have always been the ones to write history. So, if you ever get a chance to travel to this future, don’t be surprised if your told about the great inventor Al Gore and his marvelous invention called the Internet.