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The end of life’s journey, the beginning of true salvation July 20, 2007

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            So often in life, it takes a sad and tragic event to unite people. Nothing does this more than the loss of a friend. Recently, a co-worker of mine named Bob Hug has past way. He had a heart attack while riding his bicycle home from work. His manner of death was sad and tragic. However, let make no mistake about it, there is nothing sad and tragic about our friend Bob. I decided to write this tribute to Bob, not to focus on the unhappy moments in his life, but rather the joy and passion that he expressed to us all everyday. I only knew Bob for about 9 months, but working closely with him everyday gained me enough knowledge to feel I truly knew him. Inside the office, Bob was our resident MS SQL Reporting guru. He really had mastered this technology. There were no questions or issues with reporting that Bob could not solve.

He was a quite individual, but had no problems expressing how he felt too the people that knew him on any given day. I think that he enjoyed expressing himself most by the choice of whichever colorful T-shirt that he would wear to work that day. Most days it would be a typical all black shirts with some expression written across it that I just didn’t get. The expressions would often change based on his mood. One particular shirt I remember him wearing had the Intel logo on it with the wording “Geek Inside” instead of “Intel Inside”. I think he was trying to say that he was a geek and proud of it. As of lately, his t-shirts were all different variations on types of adverting for the Tour d’France. He loved cycling. Over the last few weeks he was so excite about the current running of the Tour d’France. He couldn’t wait to update us all on the current status of the race; even thou I had no idea what he was taking about I would try to listen.

            As far as I knew of his home life, he was really into working around the house. He loved to work on his cactus garden. I remember him telling me how excited he was when he found some special cactus that grew even in the cold winter. I wish I could remember some more about various conversations that we had, but unfortunately these details have since faded away.

            During the announcement of Bob’s death at our company, our department head Gene, had brought to light an old American Indian believe. “To speak the name of the dead, is to bring them back to life.” Perhaps with this tribute to Bob flowing throughout the Internet, he’ll be able to live on better in our memories. Although his journey though life has ended, he has most definately moved on to a better place and found true salvation.


God bless you Bob. You will be missed



1. Jim Gorman - July 20, 2007


Bob was a great guy.

We posted a few tributes over here too:


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