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My new skills as a columnist April 18, 2007

Posted by gcorbin in Commentary.

During the past few years, I’ve found myself becoming more interested in writing good documentation for the code I write. I’ve learned that it’s not enough to create a great piece of software without providing easy to understand documentation that explains how to use it. I’ve also discovered the immense value in providing excellent comments within the code itself. As I’ve pushed myself to write better documentation and comments for my code, I’ve found that my skills for documenting and discussing how a piece of software functions have become much better. I’ve decided to put my new skills to good use by sharing my thoughts on how to create great software. I began by writing responses to newsgroups for issues that needed some type of resolution. My responses would sometimes be in vain, but more often than not they would be helpful and appreciated. I moved on to starting this blog and although I’ve only been writing here for the last four months, I’ve found that it has really help hone my skills in this craft. My most recent move was to start working as a freelance columnist. I started writing for ASP.NETPro as a guest columnist. My first article was published in the January 2007 edition. It can also be found here. The topic of that article was “Express Yourself” and it discusses how to use data column expressions. I’m now working on my next article. The topic has not yet been determined, but the column is complete and it discusses how to use expression builders and build your own custom expression builders. My initial rough draft and source code for this article can be found here. With a bit of luck, I’ll have it refined enough in time to make the July press date. Anyway, if nothing else I hope you find the source code that accompanies these articles helpful.



1. Jim Gorman - May 17, 2007

Greg – If you liked ‘Mythical Man Month’, try ‘Cube Farm’ and ‘Peopleware’.

Among other things, ‘Peopleware’ emphasizes the importance of “quiet time” and office space layout.

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